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Exchange/Sale list  Land Snails  (Updated 11/18/2005)

When I have multiple specimens of a species the image maybe representative of what I have in stock not the actual shell I have for trade.  I can supply more images if needed. All shells come with complete data unless noted.      

Family   Genus    Species   (mm)  Grade Value  Locale   Comments
Land Snails
Annulariidae Tudora megacheilus 12-14 Gem 2.00 Aruba, Dutch West Indies Beauties
Camaenidae Amphidromus perversus 41-42 Gem 20.00 Bali, Indonesia Sinistral/Dextral Set
Camaenidae Amphidromus perversus interruptus 40.76 Gem 10.00 Java, Indonesia 2nd image
Camaenidae Amphidromus inconstans gracilis 32-34 Gem 12.00 Pantar Is., Indonesia Pale yellow
Helminthoglyptidae Polymita muscarum 15-17 Gem 8.00 Holquin, Mayari, Cuba Uncommon
Helminthoglyptidae Polymita picta 25 F++ 15.00 Cuba Rare
Megalobulimidae Megalobulimus oblongus musculus 58-60 Gem 10.00 Libertador General San Martin, Argentina Dwarf form
Odontostomatidae Plagiodontes patagonicus 20-21 Gem 10.00 Sierra de la Ventana, Argentina Rare
Odontostomidae Anctus angiostomus 29.32 F+ 10.00 Bahia, Brazil Rare
Odontostomidae Anostoma octodentata depressum 35 F++ 15.00 Brazil Uncommon