Rick Negus Specimen Shells


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Exchange/Sale list  D-L  (Updated 11/18/2005)

When I have multiple specimens of a species the image maybe representative of what I have in stock not the actual shell I have for trade.  I can supply more images if needed. All shells come with complete data unless noted.      

Family   Genus    Species   (mm)  Grade Value  Locale   Comments
Epitoniidae Acirsa costulatum 19.57 F+ 20.00 Dahab, Sinai, Egypt Rare w/o
Epitoniidae Epitonium billeeana 10 Gem 20.00 Baja Sur, Mexico Rare
Epitoniidae Epitonium georgettina 19 Gem 10.00 Monte Hermosa, Argentina Beauties
Fasciolariidae Fasciolaria hunteri 77.34 F++ 8.00 Marcos Is., Florida w/o
Fasciolariidae Opeatostoma pseudodon 17-51 F++ 16.00 Costa Rica Growth Series
Haliotidae Haliotis kamtschatkana 80 F++ 15.00 Canada Beauty
Harpidae Harpa amouretta 30+ Gem 3.00 Philippines Beauties
Harpidae Harpa amouretta crassa 30-39 Gem 5.00 Mozambique Uncommon Beauties
Harpidae Harpa articularis 50-53 Gem 5.00 Keelung, Taiwan 2nd image
Harpidae Harpa conodalis 77 F+ 20.00 NWHI Crabbed beauty
Harpidae Harpa davidis 58-77 Gem 5.00 India Beauty
Harpidae Harpa harpa 53.19 Gem 10.00 Balut Is., Philippines Tangle nets
Harpidae Harpa harpa 62.60 Gem 15.00 Siasi, Philippines Tangle nets
Harpidae Harpa major 98.78 F++ 10.00 China Big one
Harpidae Morum oniscus 16-22 F+/Gem 5.00 Great Corn Is., Nicaragua Beauties
Ischnochitonidae Tonicella insignis 20-30 Gem 5.00 Unalaska Is.,Aleutian Is., Alaska Bright Red
Janthinidae Janthina janthina 29 F+ 6.00 Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico Lavender